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Created 24-Jul-12
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These are photos from a project I've started showing the juxtaposition of "Fire" and "Ice." While visually different, the landscapes hold many similarities. See my project proposal for Fire and Ice in my blog.

Antelope Canyon

antelope, "antelope canyon", canyon, desert, slot, navajo, travel, scenic, art, photo, photography, photograph, landscape, nature

Shifting Waterline, Paradise Bay, Antarctica

antarctica, ice, iceberg, "paradise bay", waterline, blue, landscape, nature, art, photo, photograph, photography, travel, scenic

Moonrise, Sunrise, Monument Valley

arizona, butte, cloud, color, monument, moon, sky, sunrise, valley, utah, navajo, tribal, park, nation, travel, scenic, landscape, nature, mitten, art, photo, photograph, photography

Neumayer Channel, Antarctica

antarctica, channel, cloud, ice, mountain, neumayer, ocean, reflection, sea, sky, snow, water, glacier, travel, scenic, landscape, nature, art, photo, photography, photograph, cruise

Castle Wall, Bryce

bryce, cloud, hoodoo, national, park, sky, utah, castle, landscape, nature, travel, scenic, art, photo, photography, photograph

Towering Peaks, Antarctica

antarctica, cloud, gerlache, glacier, ice, mountain, ocean, peak, sea, sky, snow, strait, water, travel, scenic, art, photo, photograph, photography, landscape, nature

Capitol Reef National Park

butte, capitol, cloud, national, park, reef, sky, utah, "capitol reef" travel, scenic, landscape, nature, art, photo, photograph, photography

Icebergs, Gerlache Strait, Antarctica

antarctica, blue, gerlache, ice, iceberg, ocean, sea, sky, strait, water, glacier, landscape, nature, art, photo, photograph, photography

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